Rasa classical Indian dance-Bhakthi dance

Rasa classical Indian dance-Bhakthi dance

from 140.00

Tuesdays 6-7 pm and/or Saturdays 9.30-10.30 am. You can attend one or both Rasa classes for the same price.

Cost: $ 160 (full) $140 (concession) $240 (package with Bhakthi Dance Contemplation)

Please note if selecting package with Bhakthi Dance Contemplation you will automatically be enrolled in that class too.

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Term 4 will teach the dance inspired by a song of Mirabai, one of the greatest poet-saints of the Bhakthi movement in India. The dance will capture the passionate and lyrical heart of Bhakthi as a surrender to the sense of unity with all of life.

Bhakthi is the heart-drenched approach to spirituality in Indian philosophy. The word Bhakthi means heartfelt surrender and attachment. Bhakthi is steeped in music, dance and poetry and asks for feelingful actions that bring about harmony of all life. The Bhakthi approach in India was spearheaded by inspiring, passionate and transformative artists, singers and poets such as Mirabai, Jayadeva, Allama Prabhu and others.