Karana dance meditation classes

Karana dance meditation classes

from 60.00

Fortnightly Wednesdays 6-7 pm and/or Saturdays 11.30 am-12 pm starting Wednesday 23 October or Saturday 26 October. 4 weeks.

No previous experience of dance required.

Cost: $100 (full) $75 (concession) $60 (package if you are also enrolling for Rasa and/or Bhakthi Dance Contemplation classes).

Please note if you select the $60 package you must also be in enrolling in a Moving Archetypes Rasa or Lakshmi class, or already be enrolled.

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Immersive classes for those looking for a quiet, simple and embodied dhyana or focused reflection.

Classes are based on the 108 Karanas or dance constellations, directly attributed to Siva, the deity of dance. Each class will focus on one Karana and will include preparatory practices to enter the Karana space and time for questions and feedback.