Siva the Cosmic Dancer: Dance contemplation summer intensive

Siva the Cosmic Dancer: Dance contemplation summer intensive

from 160.00

Summer intensive on the ancient 108 dance karanas of Siva

Enter the enigmatic, joyful, unexpected and passionate world of Siva’s dance through His own instructions!

No previous experience of dance required.

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Legend has it that when dance was first embodied, Siva, the Indian archetypal deity of Dance, instructed the sages in 108 dance karanas or combinations which form the basis of dance traditions in India. These karanas hold symbolic feeling constellations in them which are accessed only through their practice. In fact there is no elaboration of the purpose or ‘meaning’ of the karanas in the ancient texts. It is only through the embodied knowing, handed down through the lineages of dance traditions, that these karanas are available to us.

Karanas can be roughly arranged into 3 or 4 series, each of which deals with some foundational arrangements of the body. Broadly the series can be themed as positions of playful offering, positions of dynamic equilibrium, the ‘scorpion’ based positions and symbolic animal-inspired positions. It is not the literal representation that matters but the feeling constellations they hold.

Karanas are beautiful, meditative spaces of contemplation, discovery and joy which allow for an expansion of feeling and connection.

The three day intensive will introduce and practice Karana meditation through selected karanas from each of the series. It will include demonstration and talk about the karanas as well as time to reflect and for quiet contemplation.

This is a rare opportunity to enter the ancient practice that has informed some of the oldest dance traditions of the world.

When: weekend of 26-28 January 2019 9.30-1 pm

Where: The Street Theatre, Canberra

Cost: $160 Early Bird until 10 January 2019 (choose concession option when booking), $195 Full.

Siva: The ascetic dancer. A dance contemplation on the Indian archetype Siva, who is both destroyer and creator, ascetic and dancer. Like many archetypal spaces of contemplation, he invites us to dissolve polarities through embodied feeling spaces.