Inviting Lakshmi

Inviting Lakshmi

from 15.00

An immersive audio-visual Indian dance ritual invoking the goddess of abundance

By Padma Menon

O Fire invoke for me that Lakshmi

Who shines like the splendour of the Moon in all the worlds

Whose smile is the bliss of transcendental beauty

Lakshmi, dwell in my family, dwell on this earth

And always remove my pain

(adapted from the Rig Vedic hymn to Lakshmi circa 1500 BCE)

Indian temple dance presented in the traditions of old temple performances—intimate, inviting deep connection between performer and audience.

Projections, music, dance, narrative and philosophy combine in this rich evocation of one of the most popular of Indian goddesses.

With visuals by Geoffrey Dunn

Performance duration: 50 minutes. Followed by a 30 minute discussion forum.

Cost: $15 for Moving Archetypes students. $18 for others.

(Guests will have to remove their shoes before entering the studio. Seating is on cushions on the carpet. Chairs are also available)

Moving Arch student:
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Join us and the world of powerful archetypes such as Durga the warrior goddess, Krishna, Siva and others in a warm and informal setting.

Currie Crescent Community Centre, 11 Currie Crescent, Kingston

(light refreshments included)